How to search

With a word

The easiest search includes an only word. Searching in the library works with full words and doesn’t take into account accents, capital or small letters.

E.g. If you type in the search box the word family you would obtain all the documents containing the word family, and also the documents containing the word family with accent (família in Spanish) and the documents containing family, FAMILY o any other combination of capital and small letter. On the other hand, the same search wouldn’t obtain documents containing the word families or familiar (unless those documents also include the word family).

If one word can appear written in several ways, we can use a question mark (?) instead of one of its letters.

E.g. If you type me?ico, the library would find documents containing Mexico or Mejico, among others, médico could also be found (in Spanish).

When there are several letters we don’t definitely know, we can use an asterisk *).

E.g. If you type family*, the library would find documents containing the words that start with family followed by any number of letters: family, familiar, families, familiarity, etc.

The searching system can also find ‘similar’ words to others; indeed, words that could have been typed wrongly. To do that you need the sign ~ (in Windows typing the combination ALT GR + 4 followed by a space, in Mac OS X typing the combination Option + ñ followed by a space).

E.g. family~

With several words

To find documents containing several words at the same time you can simply type the words with spaces or using the conjunction AND (in capital letters) between them.
E.g. If you type holy family or holy AND family, you would obtain those documents containing the phrases holy family, family holy and even the family is holy, but not documents contaning just the world family or the word holy or any of them.

Occasionally the word order is important. In this case they must be typed between inverted commas.

E.g. If you type ‘holy family’, the library would find documents contaning the exact phrase, but not the documents containing the phrases family holy or the family is holy.

With one word or another

To find documents containing one word or another you can use the conjuntion OR (in capital letters).

E.g. To find family or youth you should type family OR youth.

To find one word and not another

To find documents containing one word and not another, you must type AND NOT or the sign minus (-) just before the second word.
E.g. To find family but not youth you should type family BUT NOT youth or family –youth.

How the results are shown

According to the established in ‘How to search’ tab, in «Nuestro Tiempo» magazine’s library the results are ordered in several ways:

«Nuestro Tiempo» magazine’s library shows the searching results through the following options: